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Poor childs education

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Welcome to non-profit charity organization.

Just as Christ could not carry out his mission without disciples, we cannot do without the support of our partners and volunteers.We are willing to work with you to enrich lives according to God’s plan and purpose.Our Foundation supports charities that share same values and principles in transforming lives. The most important thing is to glorify God in all that we do or give.

If you are willing to enrich lives and feed the poor, please JOIN US today
..God loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7

Humanity Live Campaigns

Festive Outreach- We reach out to the poorest of the poor during festive season to provide food and basic needs as a way to expess love.

South African Pre Primary School Build

Our Donation Is Hope For Poor Childrens

Help to raise valuable donations for Kids

Popular Causes

Food for Poor


According to our vision and policy, we wrap spiritual food around all our physical foods. We take pride in acknowledgingy.


King’s meal is a project aimed at distributing packaged foods to those in need at our local communities.

Feed the Poor

This project is aimed at reaching out to the poor during festive seasons. We are delighted to rejoice and celebrate with the less privileged by sharing gifts and food items during these periods like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving et

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