“Poverty is a global pandemic that is worse than COVID-19, HIV or any kind of disease in human history. We may not be able to end poverty in its entirety, but we can collectively end extreme poverty.” Peter Oriyomi


Volunteers are the heart of our work at FTP. We have opportunities for individuals, community groups, and corporate partners to give back and volunteer throughout the year.

Explore the sections below to find the right opportunity.

Global Volunteer– We are currently recruiting and training volunteers that are willing to serve in any part of the world either online or on-site. These volunteers have the opportunity to attend our sponsored Global Volunteers Training program organized by the New Success Network LLC. This training is not compulsory but mandatory for anyone aspiring to be certified and recognized as FTP Global Volunteer to earn full trust and confidence in working with us for a long time.

Global volunteers are exposed to all aspects of volunteerism whether online or offline. Available to serve in any capacity to support FTP missions.

Benefits include:

  1. Joining and attending 3-day New Success Network’s Change Your World training program online or In-person.

Get Certificate of recognition as FTP Global Volunteer See sample below:

  1. Free Volunteer T-shirt and branding item during service as a volunteer.
  2. Opportunity to hold WFTP Day in your community
  • Privilege of becoming Human Right Consultant for the poor.
  1. Access to World Feed The Poor Day Live Event in the USA on August 2nd.
  2. Opportunity to travel to any part of the world to Serve as a volunteer with FTP or other affiliated nonprofits.


  1. Enjoy up to 50% discount while booking travel to serve in any part of the world through ORG

Community Volunteer– To bridge the gap between FTP and the poor in various communities.

Outreach Volunteer– To join FTP in conducting Outreach like festival outreach based on call.

Fundraising Volunteers– To raise funds for the foundation using the available tools, resources and peer to peer fundraising platform.

Training Volunteer– These are Volunteers needed to handle FTP training programs. We offer Train- the-Trainer training opportunities to interested volunteers in order to help in training and supporting those in need of training in various communities around the world.

Media Volunteer– We need volunteers who are experts in media to promote the mission of FTP through print and broadcast media. This opportunity is open for those who desire to serve with FTPTV and FTP Global Hope Magazine.

Advocacy Volunteer– We need those who can help advocate for the FTP and relate with the public, businesses and government officials. We also consider our human rights consultants for this job.

Social Media Volunteer– We need volunteers who can make it happen using their social media posts. Bloggers and other social media experts with influence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube etc to volunteer with us. We consider these volunteers as FTP Ambassadors.


We are constantly seeking ways to collaborate with businesses and nonprofits that align with our mission.

Are you promoting an anti-poverty program? We need you.

Our partners enjoy greater benefits when we work together. Partnering with FTP helps in putting your brands before the world while doing your good work. As partners we share our reach, stage and network with you.

We seek partners in celebrating our annual international awareness day on August 2nd.

Areas of partnership includes:

  1. Sponsorship of at least one Need Application Form to support someone who is in desperate need of help.
  2. Sponsorship of World Feed The Poor Day & Awards Night Event.
  3. In-Kind Sponsorship through donation of food, clothes, shoes or anything good gift to support the poor.
  4. Speaking at our Event.
  5. Donation of any amount (This is tax deductible)
  6. Grant and Legacy giving is a great way to partner with us. Individual and corporate Donors are our major partners.

We consider this partnership as a career path for world changers.

Thank you for choosing to partner with us. Though our beginning is small, we trust God for a greater end. Come let’s work together.

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