Our work predominantly includes providing for the physical and spiritual needs of the poor.

Aside from Communities outreach, our Approved Distribution Center (ADC) is located 12511 Hillcroft St. B Houston TX 77035 USA


Our project covers meeting varying physiological needs of people in our communities as they arise. These include:


This project is aimed at reaching out to the poor during festive seasons. We are delighted to rejoice and celebrate with the less privileged by sharing gifts and food items during these periods like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving et


King’s meal is a project aimed at distributing packaged foods to those in need at our local communities. We organize this to alleviate hunger in our society. This is an avenue where we distribute all donated foods to the poor on regular basis. We also provide rich and tasty meals for people in an organized setting. This food is prepared and served according to safety standard of the health department. We partner with other charities to offer King’s Meal.


Mentoring program that leads to youth empowerment and employment. We provide free business support and counsel to young entrepreneurs through our partners and sister business focused on entrepreneurial development.


This project is targeted towards children. We consider them as the apple of God’s eye and the hope of the future that needs care and love. On this project we reach out to sick children in the hospital and support in paying bills for those whose parents are living in abject poverty. We work with hospitals and local clinics to gather information and assist where need arises. Back to School program is also for Kids where school bags, books and writing materials are provided for poor children. Other care 4 Kids include foods, clothes and shoes for them. etc


We strive to provide free water in an area where there is no clean drinking water. We consider working with relevant partners and agency to install public water for poor communities.


No one prepares for natural disasters and when this happens, Feed The Poor Foundation wants to be there to support. This is our emergency project to respond to the need of those affected by storms, war, earthquakes, flood etc This is a project that aims at providing shelter for people displaced by disaster. We consider proving shelter for the homeless as part of this project.


We know that millions of women have lost their husbands by accident or natural death and they are left with children to cater for. Some women resort to all kinds of ungodly way to survive; many are subjected to exploitation and all kinds of inhuman and unfair treatment. Our project is to empower widows in our capacity to ensure their financial freedom. We provide avenues for them to develop their skills and also avail them with sources of fund to start a small business.


Millions of children have lost their parents and they need love and care. Feed The Poor Foundation strive to become a parent place for the orphans. We place preference on these children under the age of 18 to nurture and support them to grow as God want. Orphan’s Time is a project to reaching out exclusively to orphans.


According to our vision and policy, we wrap spiritual food around all our physical foods. We take pride in acknowledging the source of our Foundation’s gifts and blessings. We do not only take delight in offering physical support to the poor, we also care about their spiritual well-being. Below are the three core projects in this category:


Sharing the message of Christ through teaching or written format. This is where we teach the poor; God’s love and how to prosper in life.


As a faith-based Foundation, we provide links to Bible believing church for spiritual growth. We also partner with Churches for spiritual development of the poor.


This project entails networking and referring others to Feed The Poor Foundation of America for physical and spiritual support. We consider developing people who will in turn develop and help others through our cause and lead them to Christ.

To carry out these projects, we are accepting DONATIONS!

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We organize fund-raising projects in our own capacity and depend solely on the generosity of the general public such as you.